Stampede Luncheon / Afternoon Menus

Basic (Favourite) Stampede Menu
Roast Baron of Beef carved onto a Kaiser roll with
Baked Beans, Potato Salad & Cole Slaw
Price per Guest $

Stampede Menu #2
Chili with Hot Dogs with all the trimmings; diced onions,
mustard, relish & ketchup.
Potato Salad, Garden Salad
Price per Guest $10.40

Stampede Menu #3
Barbecued Hamburgers with tomatoes, onions, lettuce & condiments
Baked Beans, Garden Salad,
Watermelon & Fresh Fruit
Price per Guest $11.40

Stampede Menu #4
Fresh Spolumbo sausages, rolls and condiments.
Barbecue Breast of Chicken served with a salsa/mayo condiment.
Baked Beans, Garden Salad or Potato Salad
Watermelon & Fresh Fruit
Price per Guest $15.50
(Option to add Hamburgers &/or Vegetarian Burgers to this menu at no additional charge.)

Stampede Sliders
Small buns, lots of Flavour and variety...
Seasoned Pulled Pork slider &
Grilled salmon patty slider &
a Homestyle Meatoaf slider
Served with Corn on the Cob with butter & seasonings
Classic Baked Beans
Home style Potato Salad & our
Mediterranean Salad with red onion, cucumber, tomato & peppers.
(a veggie option of a tasty grilled veggie patty slider)
Condiments of Horseradish, diced lettuce, tsatsiki sauce, fresh fruit salsa & hot suace.

Price per Guest $15.50

Stampede Fajita Menu
Assorted Chips & Tomato Salsa for dipping
Main Meal Service;
Fajitas HOT off the Griddle
For the Fajitas, warm Tortilla Shells from the Griddle and the main ingredients of
seasoned Beef, marinated Chicken are cooked on the griddle with assorted diced and sliced vegetables as fillings for the Fajitas.
Served with
Brown Beans

Toppings & Condiments From the COLD Table
Shredded Lettuce, sliced Olives, sliced Jalapenos, Banana Pepper rings
Grated Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Tomato Salsa, Black Bean & Corn Salsa.
Potato Salad & mixed Bean Salad
Price per Guest $14.50
Add Garlic Shrimp to the Fajita menu for $3.50 per

Steak BBQ
New York Steak Sandwich
is seasoned, barbecued and carved from the
Striploin onto a fresh Kaiser roll and served with Fried Onions,
sliced tomatoes, horseradish & steak sauce.
Corn on the Cob
Potato Salad, Pasta Salad
Price per Guest $19.75

Mediterranean Barbecue
Main Selections
A variety of Shish Kabobs & Souvlaki prepared fresh on barbecues.
Souvlaki, Marinated lamb with peppers and onions.
Shish Kebabs, Salmon marinated in a teriyaki &
Beef, Barbecue seasoned beef and onions.
(All served on a Torpedo roll)
Home style baked beans
classic Greek salad &
Potato salad with green beans, oregano, olive oil & a tomato dressing.
Sauce condiments
of Mint sauce, Tzisiki with cucumber, teriyaki & spicy barbecue.
Price per Guest $16.50

Cowboy Rib feast
Fresh off the barbecue......
A full pound of Beef Shortribs &
Pork Spareribs served with our home style bbq sauce

Baked Beans
Honey corn muffins
Potato Salad, Fresh fruit salad
Price per Guest $20.50

Quesadilla Stampede
A variety of Quesadillas prepared fresh off the griddle
Shrimp, crispy chicken and re-fried bean served
with Salsa sauce & Sour cream, pepper & hot sauce condiments

Everyone loves a tasty Cole slaw & they’ll enjoy this
Jalapeno Corn Slaw
Imagine cole slaw with the addition of corn, bell peppers, red onion, cilantro & jalapeno chiles.
Ladled from the Stock Pot......
Two types of Chili, one with just beans & veggies for the vegetarians and the classic
Chili con carne with beef.
Watermelon & Fresh Fruit
Price per Guest $16.25

Seafood Stampede
Grilled Salmon Burger, fresh Kaiser roll,
Baked Beans
Chili lime Slaw with scallops & Shrimp
Potato Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Tartar sauce, fruit Salsa & shredded lettuce condiments
Price per Guest $18.75

Luncheon or Afternoon Add-ons
Margarita Trifle, $2.690
Chocolate Mousse, $3.00
Assorted Tarts & Squares, $1.95
Garden Salad, $2.50
Corn on the Cob, $2.40
Marinated Vegetable Salad, $1.95
Fresh Fruit Salad, $2.90
Sliced Fresh seasonal Fruit, $2.90
Canned Pop, $1.25
Lemonade or Iced Tea, $1.00

(Pricing based on service to 500 plus Guests, add 10% service & gst)

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Served from the

Pork Ribs
Rubbed with pepper, garlic, paprika and mustard, slow cooked and basted with
a Mexican Chili paste of chopped green chillies,
chili powder, cider vinegar, garlic, mustard, tobasco & worcestershire sauce.
Condiments; Green chili mojo, fresh sliced jalapenos,

Salmon steaks are basted with a ginger lime glaze.
Condiments; fresh lime, cranberry citrus relish, tomato & ginger chutney

Alberta Strip Loin
These New York style strip loins are seasoned in a teriyaki marinade &
basted with sherry. Sliced thin to order by our Barbecue Chef.
Condiments; Wild mushroom sauce, pickled onion rings

Meats & Fish are accompanied by;
Chargrilled Vegetables, Potatoes and Yams
Seasonal vegetables are marinated in garlic, pepper and fresh herbs;
Corn on the Cob, artichokes, scallions, zucchini, fennel, garlic,
bell peppers & squash.

Hot Apple crumble with a honey rum sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Price per Guest $33.50 plus gst & service

Stampede Breakfast

Year 2017 Basic Stampede Breakfast
Buttermilk Pancakes, butter, syrup served with breakfast Sausages
Orange Juice & Coffee
Price per Guest $7.20

Breakfast Add-on Suggestions
Blueberry Pancakes, $.65
Bowls of seasonal fresh bite sized Fresh Fruit, $2.90
Hash brown potatoes, $1.70
Bacon, ham or extra sausages, $2.10
Home style Baked Beans, $1.95
Scrambled Eggs, $2.75
Freshly baked Muffins (blueberry, cheddar & apple, carrot bran and more)
Breakfast Scones (fresh fruit, herb cheese and plain)
Served with jam and marmalade, $1.65

Tex Mex Stampede Breakfast
Flour Tortillas, Scrambled eggs with peppers, onion & tomato (grilled on-site)
Hash brown potatoes, Breakfast sausages,
Salsa, hot peppers, hot sauce condiments
Orange juice & Coffee
Price per Guest $11.40

(Pricing based on service to 500 plus Guests, add 10% service & gst)

(Plus Equipment rental costs)

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Cooking staff for barbecues, griddles, etc. are billed at $25.00 per hour.
Staff for service or to pass food (butler service) or "cocktail" are available and are billed at $25.00 per hour.

Bar Services
With our Bar Service we plan on approximately one bartender for each of 125 guests plus support staff. Our bartenders are billed out at $25.00 per hour from setup through to cleanup. We then charge a corkage fee based upon the level of bar service you would like. This corkage fee includes the LICENSE*, ice, chilling bins, bar supplies, disposable cups and glasses as well as the service of non-alcoholic beverages.
(Sorrenti's Catering are fully licensed under the Alberta Liquor
and Gaming Commission.)


Please note the following corkage fees;
Beer, Wine & Coolers $2.75
Full Bar Service (Liquor) $3.75
Full Bar Service with Cocktails $4.00
(Crantini, Caesars, Martinis)

A quotation and estimate of beverages can be provided based upon your desired level of service.

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All Food pricing is based upon service to 500 plus guests and  includes disposable plates, napkins and cutlery, beverage cups and condiments, chafing dishes for warming & service cutlery.  Pricing shown may change, please contact us for a firm quote. Cooking Equipment rentals are additional and will be added when your estimate is completed and is dependant upon the number of guests for service.  10% service and GST will be added to all prices quoted.

For more information Contact Us

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A quotation and estimate of beverages can be provided based upon your desired level of service.

For more information and a detailed estimate of costs for your party, call Paddy Sorrenti at Sorrenti's Catering,
403-243-7171 or email